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Slaughterbots, Flying Killer Drones

Slaughterbot Killer Drone

Recently, there has been a video of slaughterbots, created to suggest that we have the technology to create killer flying drones using Artificial Intelligence to target an individual and detonate an explosive to kill them with a head injury.  This video depicts technology that is not yet existing.

The flying killer drone

The term Slaughterbot is given to a drone that has artificial intelligence and can react 100 times quicker than theFlying killer drone average human pilot.  The drone has camera sensors that contain facial recognition.  Also, drones carry a finite amount of C-4 Explosives.  In the picture below, the drone is seen detonating it’s explosive through the human forehead into the brain, killing the target upon impact.

Killer drones already in existence?

Professors have already claimed to have this technology and are able to control the drones to target terrorist groups.  The movie about eh Slaughterbots depicts the terrorist gaining this technology shortly after it;s been on the market and using it against government officials and individuals they deem as threatening.  A mother uses a drone to spy on her son and check the backgrounds on the people in the room with him and quickly discovers he is going to an anti-political rally.

What about flying killer drones?

These bots express the height of invasion of privacy, cowardly waged war, and technological gaining of power and Drone human killercontrol.  The movies raised many questions, but one that could be a dominant question, is this technology already in use?  “In fact, it is easier to achieve than self-driving cars, which require far higher standards of performance.”

Disturbing to think of the possibilities of flying killer drones

This disturbing short film shows students in the capital being murdered by a swarm of bots aims to highlight the dangers of autonomous machines.  The drones featured in the project, named Slaughterbots, use facial recognition to identify their targets before blasting them in the skull.