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3 Great RTF Drones for Beginners Under $150

great drones under 150

There are endless options when it comes to drones today. There are mini drones, racing drones, selfie drones, quadcopters, fixed wing drones, single rotor drones – the list goes on! If you are just getting started, you want something that’s easy to learn with but still has some great features. Generally speaking, a good drone to start with is a quadcopter. You can find many inexpensive models with great features that will get you started in the basics of flying and help you determine your preferences when you decide it’s time to upgrade. Here’s a look at three great RTF drones for beginners that have some great features and won’t break the bank.

Here Are the Three Best RTF Drones for Beginners

FQ777 FQ04 Beetle Mini Pocket Drone with CameraFQ777 FQ04 Beetle Mini

The FQ777 FQ04 Beetle Mini Pocket Drone with Camera mini, beginner level drone is a great introduction to all that this amazing technology offers. It is a RTF, or “ready to fly” drone and does not require any assembly, so you can start flying right out of the box. A rechargeable lithium ion battery offers five to six minutes of fun flying time and a short 40 minutes to recharge and get you back in the sky. Flying the drone is fairly easy since it offers “headless” mode which means you don’t have to worry about which way the drone is facing.

What’s Cool About This Drone

The drone will follow direction from your position so all you have to do is focus on flying. A low, medium, and high speed switch makes it easy to adjust your speed mid-flight. This drone comes with a 4 channel, wireless 2.4GHz remote. It is also equipped with a built-in camera to capture stills or video wherever you’re exploring, up to 50 meters away! LED lights mean you don’t have to limit yourself to day-time fun. Light up the night and practice 360 degree acrobatics among the stars. Don’t let this pocket-size drone fool you – it may be small in size and price (under $30), but it’s big on fun!

Holy Stone HS160 Drone with CameraHoly Stone HS160 Drone

The Holy Stone HS160 Drone with Camera palm-sized drone packs a lot of punch. It is also a RTF quadcopter drone. Holy Stone has a great product at an affordable price. There are so many features that make this drone easy and fun to use! This model comes with two powerful modular batteries which means a shorter wait time for recharging between flights since you can charge one while you’re using the other. Each battery gives this drone the power it needs for six to eight minutes of flying time and only about an hour to recharge. Fly distances up to 70 meters away without worrying about head direction, since this drone also has headless mode and will follow your orientation.

A Ready to Fly Drone with an App

Use the app control system to connect to your smartphone for easy flying, real time images and a unique gravity sensor that follows the movement of your smartphone. This drone is equipped with a 720P HD camera to take amazing photos and videos of your flying experience. Other features like altitude hold and one-key start will have you mastering the art of drone navigation in no time. This drone is perfect for any beginner and is not only portable, but durable. With all of these features, it’s amazing affordable. You can purchase this for under $100.

Holy Stone F181G Drone with Cameragreat drones under 150

The Holy Stone F181G Drone with Camera quadcopter qualifies as beginner/intermediate-level. Holy Stone continues to offer incredible products at a competitive price. This drone’s capabilities include FPV (first person viewing) live video that will blow you away, a high-capacity battery allowing up to 10 minutes of continual flight time, and a range up to 100 meters! This drone also operates in headless mode, again making it easy to control without worrying about the drone’s orientation.

A VR Compatible Drone with a Camera

This drone is even compatible with VR headsets to get a first-hand flying experience that will have your adrenaline pumping. It’s easy to impress with acrobatics like 360 degree rotations, airborne spins and flips. The controller resembles that of a PlayStation gamepad with an LCD screen that allows you to monitor things like signal and recording status. LED lighting means you can fly by day or night. You will not be disappointed with the quality and durability of this amazing drone. Add this to your list of affordable purchases at under $150.

These Three Great RTF Drones for Beginners Under $150 Are Great Buys

All three of these drones are great beginner RTF drones under $150 that can help you learn the basics. Whether you plan on using a drone for a hobby or for something bigger, like adding to a growing business, these three are all great, affordable choices with some fantastic features to experiment with without causing you great heartache if you lose or crash it.