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The SmartFlower Solar Power

As the sun rises in the morning, SmartFlower automatically unfolds, directs its solar panels toward the sun, and begins producing electricity.Stages of movement, SmartFlower

This is an all-in-one solar system that can be set up almost anywhere. It can be installed in 5 hours and covers a 16 square foot section. And it also can be moved anywhere.

Details about the solar flower

The solar panel sunflowers were inspired by the heliotropic properties of actual sunflowers. It rotates on it’s axis and adjusts it’s tilt angle to receive the fullest absorption of sunlight. The solar panels autonomously follow the sun so they are always at the best angle to the sun, generating 40% more energy production than traditional solar.

The Smart Solarflower has an annual output of 3,800 to 6,200 Kilowatt hours. A phone app gives you energy data and use of the electicity.  A Solar flower saves 3,104 hour of propane cylinders used or 8,544 gallons of gasoline consumed. Even so, 83,075 pounds of coal burned. 1 SmartFlower offsets 186,105 miles driven by a passenger vehicle.

Other SmartFlower Use
SmartFlower Charging Car

SmartFlower can be used to charge electric vehicles thanks to easy integration with external EV charging stations. For organizations and companies, EV charging capacity is your “green business card,” and is perfect for public spaces, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, small businesses, and other areas.

Advantage of the SmartFlower

The standard size Flower costs around 25,000. This does not include shipping, installation or taxes. The good thing about this is it may qualify you for a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit for commercial or residential buyers along with a 100% bonus depreciation for commercial buyers.