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Humanoid Mythical Creatures

Mythical Creatures

Meet the Metepec creature, it is part of humanoid mythical creatures. It was Discovered in the middle east. Its DNA sequence was examined at five different molecular biology laboratories in several different parts of the world. The common result says that the DNA is very similar to DNA from humans. It is 98.5% similarity which is very strange. First discussed in June of 2013, the interview crew was not allowed to release the story until given permission. Late in 2017, they were finally granted permission to speak of the story and show the video footage.

About the mythical humanoid

This creature is called the Metepec and is a hybird creature. They are believed to be experiments. Because they have a physical body that they can examine, they have come to the conclusion that there is an intelligence behind this and it is probably experiments. Experiments for personal gain. We are convinced that this creature is like the mythical humanoid creatures called fairys.
After doing X-rays they confirmed that these are not toys or dolls, they seem to be real beings. Also taken sample tissue pieces and confirmed they were once living active beings.
This was said to confirm that they are not puppets or a mold.

DNA test results of the humanoid mythical creatures.

The DNA does not have a match with any mammals or any other creatures. Nuclear or mitochondrial are not like any mammal on this planet. They took samples of DNA to bring here to the united states, but they were confiscated and destroyed. Never to make it to a testing lab.
Other similar creatures were found on the side of the highway between Gudelahara and Mexico. It was near an exit, at the side of the road.  They were discovered by a 13 year old kid looking for a place to relieve his bladder.